Headstart recovery

Headstart in Rockaway recovery report. After eight months of displacement caused by Hurricane Sandy, Rockaway Head Start kids are back in school. “We are happy to be back home. We still have many needs but we are moving forward,” said Cynthia Cummings, Executive Director at Rockaway’s Community and Family Head Start. First Day Back: On their first day back, the children attended a trip to the zoo and returned to their newly refurbished classrooms the following day. Their eyes were full of excitement as they reunited with their teachers and explored their new surroundings made possible by Robin Hood and New Yorkers for Children grants. The rooftop playground has been refurbished with new equipment.

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Photo highlights:

Rockaway Head Start children play on repaired roof playground after Hurricane Sandy.
Rockaway Head Start pre-schooler plays on repaired playground.


Rockaway Head Start uses therapy teddy bears to help children recover from Hurricane Sandy.