New Orleans Odyssey

My New Orleans odyssey is still in my mind.

Aunt Bertha’s home in Garden District, New Orleans, still there! Front door was moved.

I was the first person in my immediate family to visit New Orleans since the 1920s when my paternal grandmother Madame Tempy Stuart-Smith and her children escaped the Deep South. Like so many African-American families, they joined the ranks of America’s greatest Migration to the North.  I have addresses from old letters left by my ancestors that provide clues to many family mysteries.

Aunt Bertha’s home is still there in Garden District of New Orleans. Original letter from 1920s.









I stayed in the French Quarter, a very lively and walkable district.

Bourbon Street, New Orleans, French Quarter








We ate, and we walked. We ate and walked some more. Go on a diet before coming to New Orleans! The food there is soooo good!

Great art too. Art, art everywhere–especially architecture!

Oh, did I mention that we were there for our anniversary celebration too? I do believe that New Orleans is one of America’s most romantic cities.

Anniversary dessert at Bayona, Nola










Dooky Chase restaurant is famous for soul food and its art gallery.











A very spiritual place, New Orleans is a magical place where many religions mix to create interesting multicultural blends.

Stay tuned for more on visiting New Orleans.

Voodoo Vibe on Bourbon Street