Harlem Beat Pops-up Downtown

DJ Pauly Smallz at Scratch Academy for Harlem Beat art show.

Art in FLUX uses pop-up strategies to raise awareness about Harlem artists with opening nights and interactive events. Recently, they ventured downtown to partner with Scratch Academy for Harlem Beat, an exhibit featuring four diverse artists. The show runs through June 14, at Scratch DJ Academy, 32 Cooper Square, 2nd floor, www.scratch.com.

“By bringing art to Scratch Academy we are aiming for a transformative experience at this premiere DJ school founded by the late Jam Master Jay and Rob Principe. We love mixing art with the unexpected,” said Leanne Stella, Art in FLUX founder.

Think about it. Would you expect to find an art gallery in a Hip Hop DJ academy? An element of surprise is the key ingredient for a successful pop-up. The goal is to create tremendous buzz and connection. This random yet targeted marketing approach is designed to be short-term. What a fun way to explore and be exposed to new artists!

The opening event on May 8, was a huge success as visitors streamed in all night. Scratch students, alumni and visitors were treated to art works expressed in digital painting, photography, graffiti, and paint. Each artist’s imagination “pulsed to the beat of their Harlem neighborhoods and is reflected in their work through musical, creative, and historical contexts,” Stella added.

Congrats to artists: Makeba Rainey, Tyson Hall, Ibou Ndoye, and Anya Roz.

“Urban Noise” painted guitar by Ibou Ndoye.



Also, congrats to Scratch Academy’s DJ Pauly Smallz who displayed great DJ skills.

More photos can be viewed on the gallery’s Face Book page: https://www.facebook.com/artinfluxharlem?directed_target_id=0

About Pop-up strategy:  The key to a successful pop-up event,  is to put your “store,” event, or product someplace where you would least expect it. These short-lived ventures can last a weekend or several months. Pop-ups are becoming the best low-cost way to set-up a temporary “store,” beyond the website, to create buzz, word-of-mouth marketing, develop an audience and generate sales and support.





Makeba Rainey poses with her art.