Rename Columbus Day

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The movement to rename Columbus Day continues to build. By now, many of you agree that we should honor our Indigenous sisters and brothers. Christopher Columbus and his invaders were lost at sea. He landed in the Caribbean where he was rescued and greeted with love and generosity by the Taino and native tribes. He thought they were inferior and began a campaign of murder, rape, torture, and slavery that lasted for years. Today, he is rarely discussed in US classrooms. Historians have already proven that America was populated by millions of civilized Natives and Indigenous tribes. Furthermore, ancient Hebrews, Chinese and Vikings had already visited or ‘discovered’ America hundreds of years before Columbus. To read more on the false history many of us were taught, click here.

Thank goodness, more American communities want to recognize Indigenous Day of Remembrance. You may recall that I posted about renaming the American holiday Indigenous Remembrance Day, last year. Here’s an excerpt:

“My Indigenous and Native American ancestors are finally getting some respect. Columbus Day is getting re-branded. I know that my ancestors would be thrilled to see more American cities recognize the truth: That Columbus did not ‘discover’ America.”  To read more, click my blog post.


Native tribes protest Columbus Day at Columbus Circle, NYC
Native tribes protest Columbus Day at Columbus Circle, NYC

Berkley, California was the first city to get rid of the holiday back in the 1990s. Today, more cities are pushing for change. Cities in Kansas, Oregon and Texas have already gotten rid of this holiday. For facts, click more cities.

Some religious leaders want to see the holiday renamed for Indigenous people too.

“We are the original inhabitants of this land,” said the Rev. David Wilson, superintendent of the Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference and a Choctaw. “But there is so little to affirm the contributions that Native American people have made to this country by giving up the land, which wasn’t voluntary, and all the sacrifices people have made.” For more, click here: churches push to rename Columbus Day.

Of course some Italian organizations are upset. One group has proposed a ‘middle-ground.’ An idea to rename the day for Italians and make another day for Natives is making its rounds.

“John Viola, president of the Washington, D.C.-based National Italian American Foundation, said renaming Columbus Day dishonors the country’s 25 million Italian Americans and their ancestors. He said Italian Americans feel slighted by cities that are dropping Columbus Day.” By default, we’re like the collateral damage of this trend,” he said. The foundation’s leadership council is scheduled later this month to take up the issue.” For more, click here.

Would you vote in favor of a new holiday called Indigenous Remembrance Day? Is there a middle ground for Italian heritage and Native recognition?