Guest writer project

Calling guest writers! There’s still time to participate in ‘Narrative Network’s Women’s History Month (WHM) Guest Writer’s Project.’ Deadlines are for the Week of: 3/9,3/19,3/23, or 3/30. Please select a date within these time frames that suits you.

Guideline and story ideas for Guest writer posts:
Pay tribute to woman/women in your own life who deserve(s) recognition; or list 10 books about women, or list 10 quotes by women you like; or list 10 women authors, musicians, artists, teachers, leaders, businesses, blogs etc. that you recommend; or write your own reflection on WHM; or write your ‘Top 10 Tips’ on how to honor or improve conditions for women on the planet, in your community, family. (Add link to your own blog or website or social media contact information.)

Length: 500 words or less, with a photos or images (with credits if need, at least 2 images works better); photo can be of you and/or something you like or topic that you are writing about.

A photo slideshow with 4-8 photos with narrative captions to create a photo gallery story is welcome too. Must have photo credits for photos/ or permissions. If interested, send message via the Contact page.
*Note: You don’t have to be a woman to participate. Everyone welcome!