Lessons from the Garden

Lessons from the Garden will feature women storytellers and organic food at a Pre-Thanksgiving conference, set for Saturday, November 15, from 8am-4pm, at The Church of Christ of the Apostolic Faith, 1200 Brentnell Avenue, Columbus, Ohio.

This mind, body, and soul event will offer intellectual, spiritual and physical nourishment, including a walking tour of a new urban garden and mini-farm that was launched during the Spring of 2014. The program will feature deliciously cooked, homegrown food and speakers who will cover topics such as storytelling, food, health, family and social media.

The presenters are: Paula Penn-Nabrit, Bio-Diversity: Great for the Garden and for Life, Barbara Nabrit Stephen, Seed Starting: The Essential Nature of Nursing, Organic Feeding & Good Nutrition, Sylvia Wong Lewis, We are Heirloom Seeds: Know Your Family’s Story, and Patricia Patton, Spreading Your Seeds: Learn to Master Social Media with Responsibility and Profitability.

“Hello Ohio! You are invited to celebrate Columbus’ newest urban garden at ’60 Lessons from the Garden.’ This event is our way to say ‘Thank you’ to the great people of Ohio and beyond who helped us to build the Charles Madison Nabrit Memorial Garden,” said Paula Penn-Nabrit, CEO, Telos Training, Inc., the non-profit organization presenting the event.

“Gardens have Biblical themes and metaphors in life. From the beginning (Genesis), God planted the Garden of Eden and Revelations mentions gardens, gardeners and growing plants. In life we speak of seasons, soil, seeds, roots, visions, platforms, growth, sustainability, and interdependence,” said Penn-Nabrit, founder of the garden named for her late husband.

“We are pulling all of these topics together and serving home-cooked food too! This event is for all women. We are following-up our “Power of Women – Day of Discussion” event held in 2010 that attracted over 100 women from many generations–Milennials to the Elders and diverse religious or ethnic backgrounds. This is also a birthday party to help me celebrate 60 years on the planet,” Penn-Nabrit added.

Cost is $60. To RSVP, call 614-835-6784. Free parking is provided. Visit www.telosinc.org, or send an email to: info@telosinc.org.