Blog posts on Narrative Network, aka YoNNNews posts a wide range of diverse news and stories on culture and multicultural media marketing and events services. Our mantra- Connect. Act. Eat.

Here is an excerpt from our About page

Blog: Our blog features women, culture, and business news.

Bio: I am an award-winning journalist, teacher and media professional with over 30 years experience in corporate communications and multicultural marketing. I am known as a connector, communicator and cook. A Smith College alum, I am always aligning the personal, historical and global. I am Harlem-born, Brooklyn-raised by Caribbean and Southern parents. I love good food, music, and nice people.

About my Mantra: Connect. Act. Eat.

Connect: We connect your stories to new supporters, customers and clients by creating content your audience will love. Your stories are your most important strategic business tool. But most of all, we connect you to people. Let’s get started today!

Act: It’s time to activate you! Your business story, personal narrative, family and community stories are important branding opportunities. Let’s generate leads and support for you with your stories today!

Eat: Feed your spirit! Besides cooking and gardening, I write culinary stories. I am also passionate about genealogy, slavery, and indentured people – especially the Transatlantic Trade (British Empire) and American Slavery system. What are you passionate about? Let’s seek ways to connect your passions to your business goals today!